How to cook a paleo breakfast omelette

How to cook a paleo breakfast omelette

Hey there Groks, if you follow the low carb, no processed foods live style you need a decent breakfast to start the day with. If you have a breakfast like this it is easy to skip lunch if you have to.

Preparation time is ~15 min. I use a non sticky pan so I almost need no butter at all.

Use a high heat stove and fire it up. I have an electric stove with 3 levels and put it to 2.5. Fry the diced bacon for a couple of minutes but don't fry it completely.

In the meantime slice the green onion and dice the zucchini and the avocado.

Whisk the eggs and add the fried diced bacon. Add a pinch of pepper and a bit of salt. Keep in mind that the diced bacon is already salty.

Fry the bacon how you like it. Pat it dry with some paper towels and put it aside for a moment.

Sliced green onion and the diced 1/3 zucchini and 1/4 of a big avocado (use more if the avocado is smaller)

Pan fry the green onion and add the zucchini a minute later. Fry until slightly starting to brown.

Put the green onion and zucchini aside in a bowl for a bit

Lower the heat to 2/3 and add some butter for the omelette

Pour in the whisked eggs with sliced bacon. After a few moments lift the rim with a spatula and let the liquid egg flow underneath. That way your omelette will fry more evenly.

When it is almost done and still moist, put it on a plate

Add the bacon, zucchini, green onion and on top put the diced avocado (add a pinch of salt and pepper to the avocado)

Grate the Parmesan cheese over everything

Fold your omelette and enjoy your yummy breakfast :)

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