How to draw a portrait

How to draw a portrait

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After you have drawn your egg shaped head, faintly draw a line to divide your face in half down the middle and then across the horizon.

If having trouble with spacing your eyes, use this guide.... You should be able to fit five eyes from one side of your head to the other.

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes. Decide which eye belongs to you.

Your eyebrow is the length of your eye. Look at the shape of your eyebrow as it curves around your eye. Remember that your eyebrow is made up of hairs, so use little strokes to determine the shape.

Divide the bottom half of your face in half again with a faint dotted line. This is where your nose belongs.

Look at all the different types of noses you could have. Make sure you look at yourself carefully and decide what shape nose you have.

Once again divide the space between your nose and chin in half. This is where your mouth belongs. Your lips are shapes like two tear drops touching each other in the center.

Your top lip is shaped like two tear drops touching in the middle. Your bottom lip should be shaded to create tone and a shadow. Make sure the lines are curved on the lower lip to create shape.

Your ears fit between your eyes and your nose.

Look at the different shapes and the shadows which are castes by your earlobes.

Finally hair can be added. Remember hair is made up of strands so you need to draw individual lines but blocks of shape. Even if you don't have a fringe your hair starts below the crown of your head.

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