How to cook a spicy salmon hash w/yams & potatoes

How to cook a spicy salmon hash w/yams & potatoes

Gather ingredients..

First, wash and dice your yams & potatoes. I ended up only dicing two potatoes and half of the yam..

Nice bite size pieces (dice to your liking)

Mince your garlic, cilantro, and dice thinly your onion

Time to get cooking! In a large pan on med high heat add your olive oil and butter..

Add your onion and garlic..

Mix and stir making sure not to burn. Once your onions start to get translucent add your yams an potatoes..

Time to add all your spices! Salt, pepper, curry powder, crushed red pepper...add your minced cilantro and STIR

It should look like so. While you let this sit, prepare your salmon..

Dice just like your yams and potatoes

Set salmon aside and focus on your hash. Mixing occasionally so it is to brown but not burn. After hash becomes tender but crispy (20 min or so) add your salmon

Toss a few times and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes

15 min has passed and your Salmon is cooked! Serve and enjoy!!

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