How to make a halloween candy holder

How to make a halloween candy holder

First sketch the rough outline of your Frankenstein’s mouth and where his eyes and bolts will go. Use your exacto knife to cut the mouth out. Then paint your bottle and champagne corks.

Next begin prepping the Frankenstein box head for your Halloween candy holder. Because paint will stick better to the non-shiny side of the box, we recommend inverting the box as shown.

Place the box on top of the bottle and sketch the hairline. Once you’re happy with this, cut the box and paint it black.

Now you can hot glue on the Frankenstein blots and add cut out paper eyes and teeth. We used white paper and sequins for our eyes. You could do the same or use large googley eyes.

Draw on scars with a permanent marker and add some tissue paper as the candy bed in Frankenstein’s mouth. Your Halloween candy holder is now ready! For more tutorials visit

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