How to make flautas

How to make flautas

Chicken Tortillas Pan Pot Olive oil Garlic Salt Toothpick

Cut the fat off

Wash chicken

Fill Pot half way

Cut some garlic and put a couple of them in the pot

Add a tablespoon of salt

Let it boil for 20minutes

It will start to boil (of course)

Tear a piece to see if it's ready.

Pour water out

Let it cool for 5 minutes

Break up your chicken

Warm them for they can be flexible

Put a good amount of chicken.




Stick a toothpick in 3 Flautas to cook easier.

Pour a good amount of olive oil

Start cooking

Flip every once in a while (1-2 minute)

They will begin to get crispy

Remove a flauta to remove the tooth pick to cook evenly

Golden brown (how I like them, but you can cook them till you think is right(

Clean plate.

Clean dishes.

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