How to cooktom kha gai

How to cooktom kha gai

Add kaffir lime leaves. If fresh, remove the tough central stalk first

Add Thai galangal. Preferably fresh. Bruise the roots and slice

Add fresh lemongrass. Bash the bulbs and stalk

Add the juice of 2-4 Thai limes at the end of cooking

Bruise 4-8 bird's eye chillies depending on desired level of spice

(Optional) add 1-4 sliced shallots (cannot substitute onions)

Add 2-3 tbsp of fish sauce until desired saltiness is achieved (end of cooking)

Add full fat coconut cream

Add wild mushrooms. Preferably straw, button or oyster. Do not use shiitake (too strong), portabello (makes it grey) it dried mushrooms (drastically alters flavor profile)

Add chicken breast or fillets cut to small pieces against the grain

Add chopped coriander leaves at the end

Reduce chicken broth to half original volume

Reduce chicken broth to half original volume

Add broth to coconut cream

Bash the lemongrass

Bash the chillies

Simmer all the herbs in the combined broth and coconut milk until the flavours have infused. Do not boil.

(Optional) add sliced shallots

(Optional, non-traditional) soak saffron strands in warmed coconut milk then add to soup

(Optional - add powdered galangal if fresh or dried unavailable)

Do not boil the soup

Cut mushrooms to bite sized pieces and add to soup with chicken once herbs have infused

Cut chicken into small pieces, against the grain to keep it tender. Add to soup with mushrooms once herbs have infused.

Once chicken is cooked, add lime juice, chopped coriander, and fish sauce

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