How to make vietnamese deep fried spring roll "cha gio"

How to make vietnamese deep fried spring roll

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Pour hot water to (any kind of) dried mushroom, wait till they bloom like the fresh one.

Boil vermicelli in hot water in 3 mins. Take out by sieve and pour cold water till the vermicelli cold and non sticky

Small cut, same size: spring onion, carrot, mushroom, mix with the minced pork

In a big bowl, mix them together, add salt, sugar, fish sauce, pepper. I add more kumara bcoz I love it.

Use the square rice paper. Put it in warm water just 20s. Take out, spread on a dish. Put the mixture on. Fold as the pix.

Wow I have a lot of them :) now we r gonna fry them!

Remember, deep fried spring roll needs a lot of oil. So, use a small pan/pot. Make sure ur product is sinked deeply in oil. Wait for the first side is cooked through before turning to another side

Finally! It can be served with sweet chilly sauce :) Bon appetite.

Big serve :)

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