How to draw a realistic dream catcher

How to draw a realistic dream catcher

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The tools you need is: a pencil, paper and an eraser. If you want you can have colored pencils. :p

Start by making a circle, which is as round as possible. if you have a tool that can do circles, it is good. x)

Do one more circle on the inside. If you want a narrower ring, feel free to do so. :)

Something like that.

Here I have filled in harder.

Make a small dot in the middle of the ring. Here you can use a ruler. I had none. X)

Draw a small circle where the center was.

Then we come to the complicated. Draw something who looks like a leaf.

It's hard to explain but try to do like this.

In the end it will look like this.

Make small dots where the strings meet.

If you want, you can draw some pearls.

Draw a string to the dream catcher so it looks like it is hanging. Sorry for my english. :p

I wanted to have three rings that sat on the big ring. There are lots of different versions of a dream catcher.

Do exactly as in the big ring.

Now, draw a sketch of the threads that will hang with feathers on.

Then you draw beads on the top of the thread.

Finished! :D

I chose to color it. Light brown...

Dark brown.

Finished.....again :p

Here is another i have made. Good luck!!

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