How to make your own bracelet

How to make your own bracelet

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Hey everyone!  today i'm gonna share my first "jewelry making" experience with you. But before i start, again i apologize about any spelling or grammer mistake coz english is not my mother tongue

As i did apologize before. So anyway ....If you are staying with me, i really appreciate that.

These are everything you need. The tools from top to bottom are:Flat nose, diagonal( or side) cutter, long nose

The first thing you need is a cup of cofee...!️️

Masure your bracelet size. Cut the wire considering the desire size.

After five white beads i'm using bead number 3 ( check step number 3)

Then after that im using this hanging stuff  Which is bead number 4 ( check step number 3)

And here is your beautiful bracelet. I made this but i know you are super creative so yours will be awesome. So make it and tell me how was it? 

Match 2 or more bracelet together

Another view,another color

And you can tie a ribbon on where you closed the bracelet to hide it and give it a nice design....

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you need some photo as inspiration, please leave a comment so i will add in this guide.

By the way today my country won two medal one gold and one silver in olympic, so i'm supper happy!!!! 

Please follow me on instagram ( tabasom1364 ) and check my monthly favorite of everything. ( cosmetics, outfit, hair & body care, books & movies) Thank you

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