How to create rabbit from fruits/vege

How to create rabbit from fruits/vege


Cut 1 orange into half (A & B).

One of the half is cut into 2 to make its body (A).

Cut 2 slices from other half (B).

One if the slice is cut into half to make its ears.

Arrange the face, ears and body.

Cut 2 thin slices of zucchini to make its eyes (the base).

Cut 1 grape into 2.

Put it on the zucchini.

Cut 1 cherry tomato into 2 and use it for the nose.

Cut zucchini into small rectangle.

Cut the skin to make the button on the rabbit's body. And use the flesh for the teeth.

Arrange like this.

Cut the carrot into thin slices (julienne) to make its whiskers.

Mr.Rabbit is ready to eat:)

Watch the video: Amazing Fruit Carving: How to make a rabbit from a tomato (January 2022).