How to make hot sauce

How to make hot sauce

All the supplies needed. I used small mason jars (250ml)

Stuff peppers and garlic in mason jar. Use whatever peppers you like, I used habanero, jalapeƱo and cayenne peppers. I used separate jars for different peppers, to get a variety of heat.

I used peeled garlic and left the peppers whole. Stems are okay to leave on or take off, your choice. The more you pack in can result in a thicker sauce.

Add the salt

Add water to fill up jar to top. Place top on jar tight. Shake vigorously for a minute or so.

Place in cupboard for 14 days. After 14 days, take out and blend entire contents until smooth. Place contents back into jar and store in fridge (for up to a year, if it can last that long).

The end result. Now it can be used to spice up anything your little heart desires!! Hope you enjoy!!

Watch the video: Weapons Grade Hot Sauce (January 2022).