How to make easy necklace holder out of a hanger

How to make easy necklace holder out of a hanger

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For those of you who are -15(less than 15) I highly recommend asking someone older to help you out!

So this is what you need, drill, screws, hanger, marker, decoration butterfly , hammer, stickers.

Using your marker , point where you want to drill.. Keep distance between each two points..

Start drilling carefully !!

It should look like this now,,

Put the screws and hammer them until fixed and hard to move ..

Complete the entire hanger ,, like this,.,

Find an empty spot in your wall ,, and put a screw in the middle ,.

Put your hanger on the screw and decorate it with the butterfly and stickers ..then hang your necklaces and your accessory !

Hope you like it .., :3 to know how to make the decoration butterfly , check out my previous guide ! ;))

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