How to make quick and easy strawberry sauce!!

How to make quick and easy strawberry sauce!!

Okay this is a pretty easy recipe but its so yummy so I had to share! Now, get your sliced strawberries into a pan on medium to high heat.

It's going to start to boil :)

When you start to see the mixture is getting thick and you find that the mixture is not moving as quickly as before then you know it is done.

Place in a heat resident container and chill for 2 hours before serving. It makes about 3 cups of sauce. It's great on just about everything.

Top view :)!!

I add in some extra chopped strawberries to add more texture.

This mixture will come out thick enough to spread on toast and thin enough to be good for a strawberry cheese cake topping.

Or just top on your favourite funnel cake like we do :D If you'd like the recipe for my funnel cakes check out my other guide :)!

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