How to make easy homemade hash browns!

How to make easy homemade hash browns!

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Now, I have two ways of cooking hash browns. I have stove top AND in the oven. If you wait till the end I'll tell you how you can do them in the oven as well. They come out just as crispy too :D!!

Okay, now this has to be the night before because you have to allow the potatoes to cool. So JUST letting you know you have to plan ahead. So get your potatoes out :)

Cut off any major damage to the potato.

Place in pot with water and boil on medium heat for 20 minutes or until your fork can go slightly through the potato . Do NOT over cook or your hash browns will not come out right.

Drain potatoes.

This is how is check to see if the potatoes are properly done. The fork is able to get into the potato slightly but not enough to go all the way through.

Place your potatoes into a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight. Now, if you're really impatient you can toss them in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour and start the next step.

Okay you're probably asking why do I need to refrigerate the potatoes? WELL :)!! The glutens that make potatoes gooey and sticky, crystalize when chilled.

AND once crystalized - they stay that way which makes for non-gooey hash browns. Makes sense right?! :)

Okay, so now that you know WHY they need to be refrigerated lets move onto the next step. Grab your grater and on the largest hole begin to grate all of your potatoes.

Like so, now you can also use a food processor to grate your potatoes but it's all up to your preference :P chop up the onion SUPER fine and add to the hash brown mixture.

Place a frying pan on medium heat and toss in your butter. I also use a little bit of bacon grease when making these but that's completely optional. It just gives it a little more flavour.

I'm serious when I say no peeking, possibly moving the hash brown mixture when it's not done could cause it all to fall apart. Flip after suggested time or when you see the sides getting golden brown.

Cook for an additional 10-15 minutes on the other side or until you see it getting golden brown.

Salt and pepper to taste and you're done! Serve with ketchup or with a nice side of bacon and eggs. These hash browns are crispy on the outside and slightly soft on the inside. They are just PERFECT!!

Now, as I said previously I'd also tell you how to do these in the oven. Simply bake at 425 place on lined cookie sheet I use tin foil and then lightly spray with a little PAM.

Bake for 15 minutes then flip and cook for another 15 minutes. You'd do everything the same it's just this way is going in the oven. And DONT forget to press them down slightly onto the cookie sheet.

Well thank you for viewing my guide! :) I really hope you enjoy making these yummy hash browns! Please, don't forget to follow me for MORE awesome guides :D

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