How to cook goat cheese & cranberries stuffed burger

How to cook goat cheese & cranberries stuffed burger

Ingredients: Angus ground beef, Bacon, Ground bread, Cranberry goat cheese, Cilantro, Onion, Salt & pepper, Lettuce, Tomato, 1 egg BBQ sauce, Djön mustard, Monterrey Jack cheese and hamburger buns.

Here a picture of some of the ingredients

Step 1: Get your ingredients ready. I won't talk quantities, it all depends on your taste. Chop the onions and cilantro, add 1 egg, salt & pepper, and a couple spoons of bbq and mix it all together.

Once ready add the beef and mix thoroughly

Make a patty the size you want and fill it with goat cheese with cranberry. You can make the patty into a cup form.

Use a bit more beef to cover it and flatten the patty 'till it's ready

The next couple of steps are a no brainer. No need to explain. Just put the patties in a hot pan. Do not use too much oil or anything.

Add the rest of the ingredients. And serve!


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