How to make a survival fishing hook

How to make a survival fishing hook

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You're lost in the wilderness. You're hungry and you've found a pond or stream full of tasty fish. This guide will show a few possible options.

Every survival expert will tell you that you can find litter just about anywhere on earth. Even on remote islands litter gets washed up on shore. If you're lucky you might find an empty can.

Lets make a hook out of the tab from a can. In the wild you'll have to improvise tools. But I'll use tools here just to show you the end results you're looking for.

Cut the tab as indicated in this image. In the wild you'll just have to improvise a tool such as stone. Or just bend it back and forth till it breaks apart.

Bend the hook out a little. Then using a file or rough rock. File down excess metal around the ring and sharpen the point.

Tie on what ever string you can find or make. Even strips from a shirt or make twine out of the bark of sticks. Get some bait or tie fibers on to make a sort of fly lure. And hope the fish are biting.

In case you can't find a can. What follows are examples of fishing hooks that can be made out of material commonly found in the wild.

This one is probably less effective. The fish has to take it just right. But it can and has worked for centuries.

A little more elaborate example. But keeping you mind busy while lost in the wild can also save your life.

You might even find some fishing hooks already made by nature.

I just thought I'd throw this in here. This is how to tie a fisherman's knot.


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