How to adjust your western saddle stirrups

How to adjust your western saddle stirrups

To ride efficiently you need to be balanced in the saddle, to be balanced in the saddle you need to make sure both your stirrups are equal length

Take the stirrup in your hands

Some saddles have this quick adjust feature or they have a buckle the concept is still the same. Locate your slide or buckle and undo it

These quick change slides may take some work to get off

Slide the slide down

Unhook from the stirrup leather

Count the holes

Count the holes before the clamp on the other stirrup, this saddle is at 8 holes from the bottom of the stirrup leather before the two holes for the quick adjust.

Put your thumb on the hole before the quick adjust

Place the stirrup end into holes 9 and 10 in this case. Make sure the metal prongs are fully through the leather and slide the slide back up.

Reattach the stirrup keeper

All set

There you have it now lets go for a ride!

Watch the video: Stirrups and your saddle seat fit! (January 2022).