How to make one ingredient (healthier) "ice cream"

How to make one ingredient (healthier)

This recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, quadrupled and so on. I will show you how to make this recipe base (1 ingredient recipe) and then with my alteration! (3 ingredient recipe)

Slice your bananas into coins. I sliced them about 1/4 in. thick but the thinner you slice, the faster they freeze. Do this to all the bananas, however many you use. I used four.

Now take your bananas & put them in a tray, bowl, or what I used, a cake pan. Cover with plastic wrap & put in the freezer for 2 hrs if making the 1 ingredient recipe, or 1 hr for 3 ingredient recipe.

Once frozen, take your bananas and put them in your blender. (At this step, if you are going to make this plain banana, the bananas need to be pretty hard or you will have to freeze again.)

Blend until they are silky smooth!

So if you made the base recipe and froze for 2 hrs and blended, the consistency should be thicker and ready to eat (see very last photo) if you are going the 3 ingredient route, keep on reading.

This is Trader Joes take on Nutella. I added 1 tbs, plus 1 tbs of cocoa powder to the blended banana.

Add your mix ins right into the blender and blend until incorporated.

Pour the mixture back into the pan and freeze for one more hour. Ready to freeze!

After your two hours, scoop out using an ice cream scoop and serve. I topped mine with almonds and salted caramel sauce, both from Trader Joes.

See the consistency? It's very silky and it does firm up. In the picture it has melted a bit, but it looks like ice cream does when it melts.

Add ins: coconut, caramel, chocolate chips, toffee bits, cocoa powder, nuts, berries, candy pieces, peanut butter, almond butter, cookie or brownie chunks, Nutella, jam or jelly

Okay so obviously when you add in a bunch of stuff the "healthiness" goes down, and it may no longer be Paleo. But the base recipe with just bananas, is Paleo!

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