How to donate stuff and create jobs

How to donate stuff and create jobs

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Find stuff to donate. A good place to start is your closet, basement or garage. In addition to clothing, small appliances & home decor, some Goodwill locations accept computer equipment and vehicles.

Gather items in one place.

If donating electrical equipment or battery-operated items, it is helpful to test them out first. Also, we appreciate it if all clothes are washed or dry cleaned.

Check out our donation tips at

Go to and use your zip or postal code to locate a donation center. If you aren't sure if your local Goodwill accepts something you wish to donate, just give them a call.

Donate your items!

Get a receipt so you can claim a tax deduction later.

Use the impact calculator on to see the impact of your donation.

Pat yourself on the back! Not only do you have less stuff, but your donation has helped create jobs.

Watch the video: Goodwill - Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. (June 2022).


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