How to craft minions & other camping creatures

How to craft minions & other camping creatures

Welcome to our campsite! Meet "Rocky" ...A gift from my 5-year- old grandson, Sammy.

... And his despicable little minion friend.

Look at all the fun things we found on the ground near our campsite we can use to create with!

The Moms brought lots of markers, lots of google eyes and tacky glue. Paint markets are the best! I give total credit to my creative daughters Heidi & Gretchen... Both great mommies.

Little people with BIG imaginations!

A tree seed can become a SMILE!

Bad hair day.

"Rock" Bass.

Acorn hair.

Tacky glue works great!

Leaf me alone!

Gluing feathers for hair.

Feather weight.

"Hi, I'm Shelly!"

Characters who evolved from our camping trip.

Watch the video: Minions Explained u0026 Tips - Hypixel Skyblock (May 2021).