How to make crock pot refried beans

How to make crock pot refried beans

Rinse beans and pick out any stones.

Place in large pan filled with the water. Soak overnight.

Chop onion, gather spices.

Drain & rinse beans. Add beans, water, onion, garlic to crock pot.

Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Bean should be soft, not mushy.

Ladle out as much liquid as possible.

Mash beans while still in crock pot.

Use a hand mixer to whip beans to a smoother consistency.

Add butter, salt, and taco sauce. (You can use any taco sauce or seasonings that you prefer. I had some Taco Bell packets on hand. I used five of each of these.

Mix all till butter melts.

Makes a delicious burrito, or taco filler.

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