How to make pork tenderloin, mac & cheese and apple sauce

How to make pork tenderloin, mac & cheese and apple sauce

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Cut the pork tenderloin into 1 inch slice and then pound slices flat

Take 2 eggs and crack them into one of your bowls, then whip them into an almost liquid like substance.

Pour the bread crumbs into the other bowl

Put a piece of pork tenderloin into the whipped eggs and cover it completely in the substance

Then put the tenderloin into the bowl of bread crumbs and completely cover it until you cannot see the pink anymore

Take thin slices of butter and mix it around to cover the bottom of your skillet

Fill the skillet with multiple pieces of tenderloin and let them cook until brown

Once brown turn over and cook the other side. (You may need to add more butter to give the meat moisture)

After done set aside on a plate and wait for the sides to cook

For Mac & cheese read the back for directions on how to cook in microwave

Get your apple sauce, unscrew lid, and serve.

After completing all the steps your dinner should look something like this

Grab the drink of your choice and enjoy

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