How to choose and set up dslr lenses

How to choose and set up dslr lenses

Choosing the right DSLR lens can help get the right depth and sharpness you want in your photographs. Here we have three: Telephoto (Zoom), Wide Angle (Wide shots), and Macro (Close ups).

The Telephoto lens is useful for zooming when you are far from the object. It is ideal for wildlife, sports, and action shots.

The Wide Angle lens is ideal for exaggerating depth and relative size in a photo. It creates dramatic landscape and portrait photographs.

The Macro lens is great for taking close-up photography, often used for flowers or other small objects.

Now that you have chosen a lens, remove your current DSLR lens by pushing down on the half circle button and turning the lens counterclockwise. Then gently remove the lens from the camera.

Twist off the end cap of the lens you want to use. Twist it back on the lens you just removed to protect it.

Set the lens in the camera by matching up the red dot on the lens with the red dot on the camera. Twist the lens clockwise until you hear a click. Check that the lens is secure.

Many lenses have a switch to change from Auto Focus to Manual Focus. Manual Focus allows you to change the focus yourself, use this if you want more control on the sharpness of your shots.

Now you're ready to shoot. Happy pickings!

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