How to Tie a Roast

How to Tie a Roast

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When your cook book says, or your recipe calls for pork roast-tied then this is what you do.

FYI - this applies to many different kinds of roast not just pork.

What it may say in your cook book. Also this is a simple basic roast recipe

The main reason for tying the roast is to keep as much juice inside as possible, making the meat tender, moist, and juicy. Also helps the roast keep its shape and not fall apart when cooking. Helpful.

You will need simple cotton string. You can buy at the grocery store hardware store and other places.

If you improvise on the string make sure it's not coloured or the dye will bleed into your meat, ick. Also yarn and some string can fray easily so you don't want fuzzy pieces all over your roast.

Test your string or twine first by soaking in water for a little. If it holds up and doesn't bleed you may be good to go. If not knock on your neighbors door and ask to barrow some.

Take your roast

Slip the string under and around like so

Start to make a square knot. Regular knot.

After you tie the knot. Take the string up the roast a couple inches and wrap under and around the roast again.

Pull the string under and around so you have a loop like so and pull tight.

Continue doing this down your roast every couple inches. Until your a couple inches from the end. Looks like this. Try to keep the middle string straight and all the loops in the middle of the roast.

Take the end of the string and pull over to the other side of the roast.

Pull the string down the center of this side slipping string under each cross string.

Loop around like so. Just keep in mind the point is to keep the roast tight.

Pull the end of the string around to where you began and tie off the end to your original knot.

Cut off the excess string.

Season and your ready to marinade or brown or put in the oven.

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