How to cardamon/mocha chocolate cup cakes

How to cardamon/mocha chocolate cup cakes

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240 g butter. Cubed. Creamy at room temp.. If you live in a hot weather. Otherwise put the 10 seconds in the microwave on high.

220 g rice flour + 1.5 Tsp xanthan gum if u want to avoid the gluten. Or just 220g all purpose flour.

220 g fine sugar. Or icing sugar

2Tsp baking powder & 1Tsp salt

Get these 3 ingredients cacao, flour and baking powder

Sift once or twice to mix them well. Or mix them in a food processor. ..

Sifted flour, cacao and baking powder

Or put all dry ingredients in a food processor. Give them few pulses

240 g of soft Butter... in the mixer

Add the 220 g of fine sugar. I used 220 g of icing sugar.

Mix 6-8 mins until it is light yellow and creamy

Butter sugar after 6-8 mins

Add 1 Tsp salt

Add 1Tsp vanilla extract

4 egg yolks and 2 egg whites

Add over the butter sugar. Mix around 10 mins

After 10 mins

After 10 mins

Add the dry ingredients. Fold in

You get Thick batter. Add the almond milk bit by bit other wise you have lumps

Prepare 20 cups

Spoon the batter in the molds. Bake at a preheated oven 180 C ..14-15 mins

Add 1 Tsp of strong coffee/cardamon on each cupcake. It is delicious.

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