How to do rainbow nails

How to do rainbow nails

This is everything I used. (Tap to see it all) Base and top coat, ROYGBIV colors, little makeup wedge sponge, small brush and polish remover for clean up.

Apply base coat.

Put a little bit of polish on the sponge like this. Red, orange and yellow will be on your pointer finger.

Stamp it on your nail. It'll be light, keep stamping until the color builds up to how you like it. Wait a bit for the polish to dry between stamping so you don't pull up what's already on your nail.

Yellow and green with be on your middle finger.

Stamp it on until you're happy.

Green and light blue will be on your ring finger.

Stamp it.

Dark blue and purple will be on your pinkie.

Stamp it. You can add a little bit of the dark blue on your ring finger, I did if you can see it.

Here's how they look. Then take your polish remover and a small brush or q-tip to clean up.

After clean up.

Top coat.

You can do red to purple on your thumb. I did a bunch of stripes with a nail art brush.

Hope you nails turn out great! Tell me what kind of guides you'd like to see and I'll work on it.

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