How to cook bash'amel and cheesy macaroni

How to cook bash'amel and cheesy macaroni

Chopped one small onion cooked until it melt and the add the ground beef and one table spoon of tomato paste add whatever spies u like mainly salt and paper

Stir the floor and the oil until get brown colour then add the water and keep stiring until it boil leave it for 5 min

Boil the macron for 10 min and drain it as I did here

First lyre add around 1/2 cup of the masheal souce and some chess and then to the next step so easy :)

Seacnd lyre add only the meat

Cover with the rest of macaroni and add the whole souce on the top and add chess on the top be generosit with this one

Keep it on 350f degree for 40 min until well cooked..enjoy

Close look should be like this when it's done

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