How to crochet the magic adjustable ring

How to crochet the magic adjustable ring

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Start off with whatever yarn and hook you want to use. I just happened to have some doubled DK weight hanging around and my favourite double ended crochet hook.

Place the yarn across your palm. The end should hang down as above and the working yarn should fall across the back of your hand.

Now hold the tail part of your yarn between your thumb and your index finger.

Wrap the working yarn under and over your index and middle fingers as shown. **Please excuse blue fireworks, I'm in desperate need of a manicure. :-(

Place the working yarn across the tail end to form an X over your two fingers.

Insert your hook up and in between your index and middle fingers, and in between the tail and working yarn.

Hook the working yarn as shown and pull up a loop going under the tail end of the yarn.

This is what it should look like when you've pulled up the loop.

Here is your finished loop and it's now ready for you to work on.

Now to crochet into the loop. The tail end should be falling below and the working yarn should be going across ur index finger. Use free fingers to hold the loop steady while crocheting.

Chain 1 or whatever your pattern requires.

This is how it should look now. See how I'm using my finger at the bottom to keep the yarn as taut as possible?

Now you can crochet into the loop!

Like this.

And this!

Look, no hole! :-)

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