How to make duct tape art apron

How to make duct tape art apron

Trace pattern onto tarp (not the side you want to show)

Cut out the outside lines. Don't cut the "pockets" out yet.

Flip the tarp over so the marker lines are face down. Fold the bottom up and make a crease in the tarp so the "pocket" is the height you want. Mine = about 5.5". My "pocket" will have 3 compartments

Unfold crease from last step. Put a piece of duct tape across bottom, with only 1/2 the tape on the tarp.

Fold the tape over length wise to "hem" the bottom.

Cut slits approx 1/2" wide by the height you would like to have your pockets. Fold the tarp up to the crease you made earlier and tape each slit as well as the edges to make pockets.

Tape the pockets down to tarp.

Neck strap - tear off a piece of duct tape approx 24" Fold in 3rds

Fold into 3rds (lengthwise)

Neck strap

Tape one side to back of apron, measure and tape other side to length

Waist strap - tear off a piece of duct tape roughly 14" Fold in 3 rds

Tape waist strap to back side of apron

On other end of waist strap, make a "pull tab". Put a small piece of Velcro on the tab. Put apron on, pull waist strap around waist and put the other side of Velcro on the front of apron

You did it! Bling it up, add more tape, use sharpie markers or....

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