How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye

It might help to have a specific subject when drawing this so that it can have it's own, unique look rather than just being some generic...eye...thing. I just used a mirror.

First, draw the parameters in which you want your eye to sit. Tip: the smaller you make it the less detailed it has to be ;)

Draw the outline of the top of the eye lightly. This will be different for each eye. Mine is kind of almond-shaped, but yours could be completely different.

Lightly trace in the bottom lid. Again, study your subject closely for the correct shape.

I'm going to shade the eyeball before I begin on the iris. This is a personal preference. I like to work up in layers, but whatever works for you is fine.

Remember that you are not shading the shape that you have just drawn, but a 3D ball underneath it.

Onto the iris. The iris is perfectly round, but isn't necessarily perfectly centered. Again, study your subject. The iris placement within the eye is apt to change.

Draw the pupil at the center of the eye. Now we'll begin shading.

I prefer to start with the pupil. These are technically just holes in your eye, but that doesn't mean they're without character. They often reflect some due to the outer, shiny surface of the eyeball.

The iris is unique to each person in color and gradient, but the general rule is that there is a darker ring around the outside edge with various shades of lined color towards the center.

Erase your guide lines, and we'll start on the lids.

Eyelids are unique, not only to the individual, but to the position of the eyeball. Imagine a marble beneath fabric. As the marble moves, the shading of the fabric changes. It's the same with the eye.

Shade accordingly.

Onto eyelashes. Mine are soft and simple since I'm not wearing make-up today, but, again, this will change with the subject.

A couple of notes on eyelashes: note that the bottom lashes are not directly connected to the eye. There is a sill between the two, like a window sill.

Also, eyelashes are not perfectly straight. Even if you have to curl your eyelashes every day, there is some natural curvature to them in a drawing due to the 3D aspect.

I just quickly added a brow and some bad shading to complete the visual, but, basically, you've got it! :)

Watch the video: How I Draw Eyes (December 2021).