How to make a body scrub

How to make a body scrub

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Put all your salt into a bowl.

You can chop half of the salt if you want. This is only optional.

It will only grow a tiny bit smaller.

Add your oil and brown sugar and stir. NOTE: I hadn't put my brown sugar in so that's why it's not brown.

Now put whatever fruit/herb/oil you want into the mix. I used orange so I got the zest from the outside and squeezed 1 half of the orange.

Like so.

Poor out any leftover oil out.

Vwala! Body scrub!

You may need to turn it upside down for a few minutes before use.

To use it: After you have a shower, grab your scrub and put some wherever you want to exfoliate. Rub the scrub around in circles. This gets rid of any dead skin cells. Moisturise afterwards.

You can use whatever fruit/herb/oil you want. Avocado is probably the best thing to isr because it Is a natural moisturizer. You can have any thing from orange to lavender!

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