How to make chimichangas

How to make chimichangas

Heat refried beans I've added garlic 1/2 tsp and 1/2 tsp taco seasoning if you like simple then just leave it plain. Also 1/2 tsp salt

In a pan put 1/2 chopped onions

Spinach, corn, and peppers. You can add anything you like even chicken I kept mine simple veggie style

I've added 1/2 tsp garlic and green chili. But you can keep it plain I love everything tasty and spicy

This is the glue it's all purpose flour and water mix away make sure it's not to thick and not to thin should be like the pic above

Am using Mexican cheese and sharp cheddar

It's all cooked after 10 mins let it cool down for 10 mins

I've put everything on table to prepare the chimichangas

Get flour tortilla I use the big ones but you can make small ones also which are good for party's etc

Place beans add how much you desire

Then the spinach ingredients add how much you want

And cheese I love cheese

Flip one side like picture above

Place the flour glue

Now the other side just fix it make sure it's even

Now place glue on edge like so

Then flip it's like a pocket

Make sure you hold everything together while folding the flips

Then the other side it will look like this. Although one of the tortilla was dry but regardless it works

Then flip so everything will mend and dry together

I've made nine so il freeze some and cook the rest

Turn your oven to 350

Heat oil in Pan almost half way

Then put your chimichangas in let it fry on very low temp then turn over. Be careful I recommend using two spoons and wearing a apron :)

It will look like this , it takes a few mins should be nice and crunchy

Remove in foil try and place on paper towel. You can eat them right away or I put mine on the oven for 15 mins to remove all oil out and make it more crunchy

I placed enchilada sauce then chimichanga A bit more cheese and drizzled some sour cream yummy

Enjoy this is my fav Mexican dish always order it when I go to a Mexican restaurant very crunchy , cheesy and delicious :)) follow my other recipes

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