How to add faster than your teacher

How to add faster than your teacher

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The trick to adding faster than your teacher is to add from LEFT to RIGHT, instead of from RIGHT TO LEFT.

3+3 is 6 (hold 6 in your head). 6+6 is 12 (hold only the 2 in your head). 2+2 is 4 (Hold the 4). We have (6,2,4). Now, if any column adds to more than 10, ADD ONE to the left of it.

So 6,2,4 becomes 7,2,4. The answer is seven-hundred twenty-four!!

Oops! The first numbers add to more than 10! Well, just write it down (12). 4+5=(9). 6+6=12 (hold the 2). 7+7=14 (hold the 4). We have (12,9,2,4). Now start from the right to see who needs a +1.

If you noticed the 3rd column from the right turned the (9) into a (0) and the (12) got a +1. (12,9,2,4) becomes (13),(0),(3)(4). Answer: 13,034.

All of these 9s add up to 18. So the pattern is (18),(8),(8),(8),(8) And all except the rightmost column gets a +1. 199,998

One more!

The pattern is 8,8,8,8,8,8. None of them add to more than 10 so the answer is 888,888.

That's it! Now go show off your new skillz!

Tip: If you practice adding all numbers from 1-9 that pair to make 10, you will be able to do this much faster. (9+1=10) (8+2=10) (7+3=10) (6+4=10) (5+5=10). So what is (9+9)? Well it is 9+1+8 =(18)


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