How to strengthen your core for running

How to strengthen your core for running

Start face down and raise head, left arm and right leg off floor. Hold for 3 counts.

Change arms and legs. Hold for 3 counts.

Raise both arms and both legs. Hold for 3 counts.

Repeat the 3 variations 10 times.

Lie on floor with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Raise rear so that your making a straight line from shoulders to hips. Hold for 10 seconds. Lower to floor and repeat 10 times.

Now, raise rear, straighten spine and lift right leg. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax. Change legs and repeat 5 times on each leg.

Lie on the floor and bend knees to 90 degrees.

Rotate legs to one side slowly without touching the floor. Raise to center and hold for 2 counts.

Rotate to other side. Repeat 10 times.

Now straighten and rotate with straight legs! Start with 5 times and build up!

Lie face down and raise up on forearms. Make sure to tighten tummy and keep back flat. Hold for 10 seconds.

Now raise one leg and hold for 5 counts.

Lower and change legs! Repeat 5 times.

For side plank, lie on side and support upper body with forearm. Stack feet. Raise hips off floor keeping back straight and hold for 5 counts. Repeat 5 times. Change sides and repeat.

Now, keeping the same form, extend supporting arm fully and raise alternate arm straight above head. Hold for 5 counts and repeat 5 times.

Watch the video: 10-Minute Core Routine For Runners (December 2021).