How to make lentils risotto

How to make lentils risotto

Originally it is mujadarah , a Lebanese popular recipe. Considered to b a complete protein. Association of lentils and rice. Also...Traditionally , onions are fried in olive oil and added to finish.

Golden lentils. 1 cup. Soak the night before. And sprout. Refer to my guide about sprouting lentils

Blond lentils

Sprouted lentils. Even if they are going to be cooked, Sprouting, make them easier to digest. Add the diced onion. Boil 30 mins (30 mins)

Here I am cooking lentils that have been soaked but not sprouted because of the time.

Dice the onion

Add the onion and cook for 30-40 mins on medium heat....until lentils are done but still aldente

Arborio rice

Add the rice. And boil for another 30 mins

You can always use any onion you have. Fresh onions are not available in winter.

Prepare the spices. Chili is optional. Very important tip: turmeric is a wonder for the health but its benefits are mostly absorbed by the body when associated with black pepper. Dice the onions

After 30 mins, add the spices. .... you still have some liquid. Here you will have to stir it constantly to dry the water and cream it like any risotto. If it is dry you can always boiling water

This is the consistency of risotto we are looking for. Serve immediately

Drizzle with a bit of olive oil. Garnish with the diced spring onions and some paprika for the color???

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