How to make diy tinted moisturizer

How to make diy tinted moisturizer

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Makeup artists have used this technique for ages. It's simple, quick & versatile. I love it for summer especially! Look at supplies for what you need as well as next picture.

Supplies. See list. I'm using trader joes moisturizer, glo minerals pressed foundation and the jar is from wal Mart. Small wooden stick from wal mart too, craft section. I use them for waxing.

Place moisturizer in pot. How much is up to you. I put 4 pumps in to save for later. This will last me almost a whole week. If you want a single use, use 1 pump.

If you have pressed powder, lightly scratch some off. Start w/ a small amount add to moisturizer. You don't need as much as you think& can always add more

Pour in. If you find you put too much in, just add another pump of moisturizer.

Mix mix mix. It will be clumpy at first.

I needed to add more color.

Try it on your face to check color and coverage. Since its a tinted moisturizer, keep in mind that its not going to be as strong if coverage as a foundation.

Mine was slightly too dark so I added half a pump of moisturizer to lighten it up.

End result. Light coverage. If you put it on your face, take a q tip & wipe some away and can't see a line, you've matched your skin perfectly. (This tip goes with any color matching)

Save for later & you're done!

I've applied light bronzer, blush and translucent powder. Here is a nice light summer makeup look.

This is especially nice if you have remnants of a foundation that have crumbled into small bits or if you've shattered a foundation.

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