How to awesome potato salad with mustard vinaigrette

How to awesome potato salad with mustard vinaigrette

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New potatoes, what a treat! The good thing is that I can handle them on my own. I am very allergic to regular potato peel but these ones have such a thin peel that it can easily be scrubbed off...

Like so. I use a potato scrubbing glove.

It looks like this.

The potatoes when they have been prepped. They are now ready to be cooked.

While the potatoes are boiling, rinse and chop the veggies. Spring onions..

Sugar snap peas and tomatoes..

Chop them in preferred sizes.

Mix the veggies in a big bowl.

Like so.

In a glass jar, mix the mustard with the lemon.

Like so. Stir and then add remaining ingredients; water, oil and salt & pepper.

Shake the jar.

If it has a somewhat bitter flavor, add some honey. Then give it another shake.

Very blurry, I know...cut the boiled potatoes in quarters once it has cooled.

Mix the veggies with the mustard vinaigrette.

Serve with a nice piece of meat, chicken or fish.

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