How to make pear tart tatin

How to make pear tart tatin

Get a heavy based pan

Some butter

Start slicing

Lay on the bottom of your pan

Get some sugar

Sprinkle over butter, same amount of butter and sugar

Get some pears



Take the core out

Start placing pears in pan

Like this

Put it on the stove

Get some puff pastry

Start cooking your pears

Keep going

Starting to turn to caramel

You will need to keep moving the pan so the outside pears caramelise

Looking good

Get your puff ready

Start rolling out into a large circle

Measure it

Cut about 5cm out from the width of your lid and make holes with a fork

Start rolling around like this

Until you have something that looks like this

Pears are done

Add a glass of white wine to stop the caramel cooking

And top with puff

Press down all around

Like this and bake for 20 minutes on 190c

Then it will look like this

Place a lid on top and flip upside down, please be careful not to burn yourself as it will be extremely hot

Like this and remove the top

Oh yeah that's what we're talking about

Serve with ice cream

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