How to knit using your fingers

How to knit using your fingers

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Gather your supplies; yarn, scissors and your hand.

Pinch end of yarn and slip through ring finger and pinky. Leave 3" of yarn hanging off the right side of the pinky. I call this " the tail".

Take the yarn hanging between your fingers and go under your ring finger, over your middle finger, and under your pointer finger.

Remember, there should still be 3" of yarn hanging off the side of your hand by your pinky.

Yarn then comes over your pointer finger, under your middle finger, over your ring finger, and under your pinky.

With your other finger, push the yarn towards your palm.

Pull yarn over all 4 fingers. Keep this strand above the others.

Starting with the pointer finger, pull the bottom loop over the top strand and your finger. Do same thing on your middle finger and ring finger.

When you get to the pinky finger, pull the tail through the ring finger and pinky.

Pull yarn around the pinky and over all fingers, keeping this yarn above the others.

Pull yarn loop over each finger starting with the pointer finger. Then repeat this (over and over) to creat your finger knitting.

Each time you finish pulling loops over push yarn down towards your palm.

Repeat this about 10 times pulling knitting down.

Continue knitting until you are happy with the length.

To end your finger knitting, start with your ring finger and move the loop over to the middle finger.

Then pull bottom loop over top loop and finger.

Next move middle finger loop over to the ring finger.

Continue by placing bottom loop over top loop and finger.

Next, move ring finger loop over to pinky finger.

Move bottom loop over the top loop and finger.

Take the last loop off your pinky finger and hold.

Cut yarn leaving about 3".

Take yarn and insert through hole.

Pull tight. Yarn should tighten into a knot.

You have finished your finger knitting!

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