How to make a work out tank top!

How to make a work out tank top!

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I start off with the shirt upside down. Easier to cut that way!

You usually wanna start off cutting 1 1/2 - 2 inches from the collar. (You will be cutting off the collar later so don't cut too close.) The pic shown above is the perfect space.

Start cutting from the spot where the scissors were in the last pic to underneath the armpit seam. You can go lower if you want to show more skin;) I usually just do 1 -1 1/2 inch

Once you cut off both sleeves it should look like this.

Turn the shirt over and cut off the back of the collar. ONLY THE BACK PART. Don't cut the front of the collar just yet.

Cut the back collar right underneath where it's originally sewn.

Turn it to the front and cut your shirt as low/high as you want it.

You can either leave your shirt alone and have it like this or take the back in a bit to show off your shoulders/back!

You can trace it and cut the back like this or just eyeball it. Have it match up with everything and trim excess pieces.

Viola! Your completed work out tee!

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