How to gobhi (cauliflower) indian style

How to gobhi (cauliflower) indian style

Chopped veggies

Cummin seeds added to warm oil

Mustard seeds added (let it sparkle)

Green chillies added

Ginger and garlic paste added Let it cook for 1 min

Add red onion and let them sweat for a 2-3 mins. Neat trick, if you remove the root (white part) of onions they will separate out In warm oil

Add gobhi (cauliflower)

Add dry spices after adding gobhi so that the spices are not burnt in warm oil

Stir/ mix everything, at this point it should look all yellowish

I add salt after spices just so that veggies can start sweating. Give it another stir after salt and cover the pan n cook it for 10 mins on med-low heat, occasionally stirring every couple of mins

At 10 min mark, cauliflower looks like it ran a marathon ;). Now let it cook for another 5-7 mins uncovered on med-low heat to reduce the water content

All done, goes perfect with Roti or paratha

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