How to chicken bytes- lebanese indian inspiration

How to chicken bytes- lebanese indian inspiration

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Summary. Cut chicken breasts into bite sizes. Marinate for at least 6 hrs. And cook in a pot.

The main ingredients. You can add paprika and lemon juice optional

Mix all ingredients to make the marinade

Cut chicken breasts into bite sizes

Add over the marinade


Cover. Refrigerate at least 6 hrs

After six hrs. Put all in a cooking pot and let heat on very low fire. 20-30 mins. This will make the chicken absorb more flavors and the marinade will become loose. Strain.

In a hot cooking pot, put chicken onions & few green peppers. Cook on high heat stirring constantly. 5 mins. Add little marinade juice when dry. Then. Add 1/2 cup water. Cover. Cook 15-20 mins. Done

Add curcuma/turmeric. Paprika. Add Chili if you like spicy

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