How to make roasted salsa

How to make roasted salsa

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Gather ingredients. You can always use more or less of the ingredients depends how spicy, or garlicky you like it.

I like to broil my chiles and garlic 1st. I usually broil 30 sec's to a min on each side for the chilies. Keep an eye on them they burn easily.

Chiles are broiled. Take them out.

Wash tomatoes and cut in half, add them with the garlic. Put back in broiler. U can also use a nonstick pan if u like.

Take out garlic when roasted, depends on your oven. Mine where there for a total of 4 mins.

Tomatoes usually take longer to broil. I like mine like this. Took about 15-20 mins. Or until soft.

Put tomatoes, garlic, chiles, and salt to taste and blend together. If you blend and think consistency is too thick add a little water to get consistency of your choice.

Ready to serve with your dishes. I like this salsa for tacos. I forgot to take a pic.

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