How to make the best dogtoy for your playful dog!

How to make the best dogtoy for your playful dog!

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This shows how to drill a hole and knot the rope. I do not recommend plywood as shown, or particle board as these have glue & don't hold up in weather. Use solid wood such as pine, cedar, etc.

We used an 8' pipe, burying about 2' so it's about 6' tall. You need plenty under ground to anchor it. We've had a wet spring when this guide was made, so our pipe isn't as solid right now.

Drill hole and insert eye bolt as shown. Knot rope. Rope should be a length allowing board to hang 4 to 6 inches off the ground.

This board shows a good size but we replaced this with a piece of cedar decking. DO NOT USR TREATED lumber as arsenic is sometimes used.. Braided rope works great. Do not use twine or fiberglass rope.

We use a piece of cedar decking w/ squared corners. Molly's playing with it has rounded off the edges. It was even used by our former dog Roxy. Plywood never would've lasted a fraction as long.

Molly is also musical. She stars in my Snapguide: "How To Teach Your Dog To Play Piano." Check it out.

Sometimes she bites the board... Other times its the rope.

It will wind up but it always unwinds just as easily.

Hopefully your dog can have hours of fun with this simple toy too!

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