How to make chicken with 3 cornered leek

How to make chicken with 3 cornered leek

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3 Cornered Leek grows wild in the UK and I picked this near my parents. It has a lovely mild garlic flavour, similar to wild garlic and pretty white flower. It gets its' name from the triangular stem.

It is mild enough to eat raw in salads but is lovely in sauces as long as its not cooked too much as this destroys its delicate flavour. If you can't get any use normal leek, chives or normal garlic

Here is the 3 cornered leek, make sure you know what you're picking if you're picking things in the wild as many plants are poisonous.

Serves two. Start by placing a chopped onion and 2 chicken breasts, roughly diced, in a pan

Add two tablespoons of cream cheese (I used Philadelphia), 1/2 chicken stock cube and wine glass of water. Season to taste

Once the chicken is cooked add the roughly chopped three cornered leek and heat through. Don't cook for two long as it will destroy the delicate flavour.

Serve with plenty if green veg.

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