How to make gazpacho beinoise gluten free

How to make gazpacho beinoise gluten free

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Ref: soniafares34

Summary : in a liquidizer put yogurt, fresh mint, cucumbers and spinach. Reduce to soup/smoothie add dried mint. Garlic big pieces(discard later). Add thick yogurt mix then add diced cucumbers

In a liquidizer put 150 g yogurt. Add 40 leaves of fresh mint. When mixed add 2 cucumbers and reduce. Add 150 g baby spinach

150 g baby spinach

2 cucumbers in the liquidizer

You get a smoothie

Add 1-2TBsp dried mint . Few pieces of garlic that you lull take out before serving

Add 2TBsp of thick yogurt to make your soup more thick

Peel 2 cucumbers

dice . Add bit of salt and leave them to drain

Add over your soup. You can serve it like that.

Or mix and decorate with leaves of baby spinach

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