How to make a memorial mojito

How to make a memorial mojito

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Get it together. Since you have to use the shaker for these, I suggest making a double each time. It'll reduce your workload, and there's one for your sweetie. The following recipe makes a double.

First, limes. You can do 'em fresh for each drink, but in my opinion that's too much work. We're gonna make limeade and use that. You get more juice if you soak 'em in warm water first, then rub 'em.

Do that, then quarter them...

And dump in a LOT of regular sugar, more than you think you need. Go to town with the potato masher until they are nice and pulped.

You will end up with this. Let it sit for a bit, then scoop out the limes (you can save 'em in a baggie for other drinks if you want), then strain it into a bottle using a sieve and funnel...

Like my arrangement here.

And there we go. This is basically lime syrup. It's so sweet you could make Mountain Dew from this. This is the way you want it, trust me.

Next, mint! You can get it at the grocery store, but it grows like a weed so why not put in a patch of your own? This is spearmint, with the jagged leaves. This makes a Mojito with a beery aftertaste.

I have three other varieties in my garden that make good mojitos. This is chocolate mint (tastes like it sounds!) Can you see how it is darker?

Pineapple mint makes a killer Mojito also.

But we're gonna use simple old peppermint, and you will need a lot of it. Bring in a handful, not a few sprigs.

The mint goes in the shaker with one ice cube and one spoon of the superfine or caster sugar, which is optimized for drinks 'cuz it dissolves easily. You'll find it in the baking aisle.

Muddle that up real well, then fill yer shaker half full of ice.

Three ounces each of rum and lime syrup, then shake.

Strain through a sieve into your small glass.

Then fill your big glass with ice.

Pour half of the small glass into the big one...

Then fill it with club soda. Mix well, stirring up from the bottom, and that's one drink. Use the other half for the second one, either right now or later.

Garnish, then grab a spot in the sun, toast your favorite veteran, and enjoy! While you're lying there, read a good book about us until dinner is ready.

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