How to make a shambala

How to make a shambala

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Swarowskie beads, scissor, leather rope

Fasten the rope at one end. Like this.

Take another rope and make knots. Just follow the steps above. At the pictures

Its so easy. Just watch good..

Still keeping up with me...?

Ok keep going on...

You have to make 3 knots...

Ok after 3 knots you put a swarowski bead at your rope and start again to make 3 knots...

Start to make 3 knot again. And follow every step until you have about 7 or 8 beats at your rope.

See picture.

It starts to get nicer and nicer

To make the ends together make the same knots. Cross the 2 end ropes over each other. Start to make the knots...

Just like the picture!

You see!

Tadadaaaaaa... Finish!!!See you next time. Thanks for watching...!

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