How to paint your nails like a sunset

How to paint your nails like a sunset

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First, I must state the importance of layers. Then use a clear base coat.

Clean, filed nails with clear base coat.

Pink Voltage comes next.

Paint your nails with Pink wherever you don't want to see yellow. I like to paint them like a reverse French. See next pic.

That's just my plain white nail at the top. I did NOT paint any white on. Make sure the pink is solid. It will probably take two coats.

Now for Celtic Sun! (Edit- I think they discontinued that color, but Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is identical in color as far as I can tell)

Leaving some pink, paint the yellow out to the tip of your nail. Keeping in mind everywhere the two colors overlap will become orange. Also, the more coats of yellow you do the less orange you see.

My thumb & pinky have less coats of yellow. *Tip: if you get a smudge while paint is wet, lick a finger on your other hand & gently smooth it out with wet finger. Or you could wet with water ;o)

Now apply a clear top coat and you're done! I like to call this Caribbean Sunset. Sorry, the pics aren't quite doing it justice. These colors are so bright my camera has a hard time with them.

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