How to get value-for-money gift packagings

How to get value-for-money gift packagings

Firstly, I get my gift wrappings FOC when I go shopping! I simply ask the cashier for a few gift bags along with my purchases.

I also collect and use bags which I got from shopping, it's a great bag for your friends to carry their presents in if it won't fit inside their handbag.

Secondly, I made my own gift stuffings, since I wasn't sure where to buy them in my home country anyway.

I used these sheets of thin paper (which clothes stores use to wrap your clothes in), and cut them into strips of varying lengths.

Separate the strips as they will look a bit like they're folded together.

Maybe make a cutting or two so that the strips are shorter.

Since my paper was white in colour, I decided to add some colour to the strips. I diluted some watercolour paint, and used a paintbrush to spray some paint onto the strips.

Take care to spread out the colour among all of the strips. Plus I probably diluted the paint too much so it looked a bit watery, but that's up to you.

This would be a present without stuffings.

VS. this, which makes the present look a bit more "full"!

You may also want to throw in a handmade card, for which you can find some inspiration on my profile!

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